Ragdoll Freezes (Stops Moving) When Camera Welded To It

Yeah, I probably discovered this problem AAGGGGGGEEESS ago but haven’t really done anything about it.
So, For the first time in a while, I attempted to make a machinima, I welded the camera to the position his head was in. And I pressed the camera button, and I moved the ragdoll. After about a second, the ragdoll completely freezes and doesn’t move again until try and move the ragdoll again. This can be a problem, if I’m moving the ragdolls arms, and they just freeze. Also, I dropped the ragdoll off a tower, and guess what, the ragdoll froze in mid air after a second. This problem is brilliant.

It’s an annoying problem.

For people that can’t be bothered to read it all:

  1. Welded Camera to Ragdoll
  2. Ragdoll freezes after a second if it moves

Thanks in advance, i’ll post a video if you don’t get the problem.