Ragdoll goes crazy and flies around in gmod????

So I finally got a kinda working ragdoll in gmod in which I spawn it. At first the stomach would stretch forever because there was no parent bone. So then, I found out there were 2 and unassigned the fake one. So then, the ragdoll spawns and started flying everywhere this was because in the phymodel the spine was assigned to an arm some reason, so I fixed that.

Finally, I spawn it and nothing happens, it’s kinda shaky from the waist above. And the moment I lift it up in the air too high, or like head height. The ragdoll goes crazy, starts slamming itself against everywhere again. So I think this has something to do with the phymodel.Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

Related. Sorry for interrupting the thread.

Not exactly ,but try using “no collide everything” on it. Usualy takes care of the spazzing for me at least…

check your physics model, it’s probably fucked to hell and back

take a pic in HLMV and post it

eh, that doesn’t stop the ragdoll from colliding with itself

As Joazzz said, if you didn’t do your physics model correct it will flip around.
remember also that just exporting your model and naming it phymodel is not the correct way to do it. each bone needs a separate mesh rigged to it.