Ragdoll help, please.

Okay, I’m new to GMOD in general and I’m excited about adding in ragdolls to pose and such. Now the thing is, I am searching all over the internet and even followed a little guide on here on how to install them into the game (this picture guide: http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll263/oiguv/Addons.png) and it’s not working. I followed the directions for it (models: models / skins section & same for the materials.) but I do not see the ragdoll model in game. Someone, please help me with this. I’d appriciate it more than anything.

To be specific, I’m trying to add in the Marcus Fenix model fury_161 made.

Do you mean that you can’t find a spawnlist or that it’s just an invisible ragdoll when you spawn it?

If there is no spawnlist try checking the browse section next to the prop section, open the garrysmod folder then the models folder and look up your missing ragdoll.

If it’s invisible you either installed it wrong or the model you downloaded doesn’t contain the right materials.

When I look at the list of things to spawn I don’t see the ragdoll I added in there, and I also don’t see the models folder when I do browse. I could have installed it wrong, can you enlighten me on how to do so?

If you’ve put it in your garrysmod/garrysmod models and materials folders (where applicable, as in models in models, materials in materials, and merged not inside) they should be selectable when you browse the garrysmod folder in the browse menu. If your on about the spawnlists in the props menu, you’ll have to make one for it to show up there.

I checked my garrysmod/garrysmod folder and I only have a materials folder, no models. Do I create one then put the titled folders I got from the ragdoll download in their places?


Okay, I’m hearing sounds and my physics gun can pick it up but the problem is-- the model is invisible. What do I do now? D:

huh sounds like something’s up with the model, you got a link to it?


Sorry for double posting but this is an update on my situation: I’m trying out other ragdolls and they’re doing the same thing, all of them are invisible. God, this is such a pain in the ass. But thank you so much to those who are helping me. I appriciate it.

Also for the record, I only have GMOD 10, not 9. So if that has something to do with it, please let me know.

Ok, i downloaded your model and installed it, i also found it in the browse folder in garrysmod/characters. The ragdoll worked perfectly for me and the guns did too, so you might have installed it wrong. Also you can try downloading it again and installing it again, it maybe didn’t download properly?

If you do all this there shouldn’t be any problem, but when you say that all your ragdolls are invisible do you mean the ragdolls you get with the game? for example Alyx or the civilians?

I also use Gmod 10 so there shouldn’t be any problem at all.