Ragdoll help

just been wondering are the shoulder bones and pelvis bones required ?

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anyone ?

If you wanna make a ragdoll it does not require a pelvis…almost you wanna make a model based on source skeleton (sorry for the bad english)

A ragdoll can have as many bones as you want, unless if there’s a ceiling for the amounts of bones you can have. It’s your creation so if you feel those bones are unnecessary or not moving much of anything, feel free to leave bones out. If you plan on having it work with the valve biped skeleton, then include all of the necessary bones.

128 or so.
As to collision bones - those can be 28 on standard source and 32 in gmod.

Also a ragdoll does not need either a pelvis or shoulder bones, they just make it a bit smoother most of the time. What source hates though are unrigged root bones.