Ragdoll Hexing Error

i need someone to look over my model hexing files and vmt files. i’m trying to hex a personal skin of mine and its my first time doing so. Im good at reskinnig ragdolls but i want to take a step further by hexing them.

top of mdl hexing

Bottom of mdl hexing

Ragdoll face skin vmt file

Clothes Skin vmt file

please point out errors and mistakes. thank you:)

Everything looks in order

but when i went in-game the model was invisible.

Actually I think I know the problem. I assume this is a citizen edit, so the model would be under “Humans\Group[whichever two numbers]\male[whichever two numbers]”

So in example, Group01 would have 6 characters, and Male01 would have 5 characters. The Group whatever was hexed correctly, however for the male model you added an extra character. You can not exceed the character limit or the model is messed up. Normally it wouldn’t let you anyway, but the default models for some reason have extra spaces, however you still have to keep the character limit.

this is a citizen edit and is this the correct way.

Humans/Dmitry_/male_09.mdl or Humans/Group_2/male_09.mdl

Then give me the original model and the new textures

check your message box i pm you.

All right now that I downloaded, I see your errors.

First of all you forgot to change the name of the actual model in the hex editor. You don’t actually have to change the name of the actual model, just the folders, but since you changed male_09 to dimtry_ you have to go into hex editor and change the male_09 to dimtry_. Also, you have to create the folders it gives you. You only put the models in in the renamed folder, you have to include all the folders in the first line of the hex editor.

If you want me to post the download tell me but if it’s personal I’ll give it to you through pm. I fixed it and added and info.txt so it will appear in your browse folder.

thank you and i’ll use this as an example 4 now on. and just pm my box de link:)


thank for looking over my hexing problem, now im going to reskin da shit out of this:)