Ragdoll Hexing for Gmod

I’m not gonna lie, I have NO experience whatsoever with hexing. So I tried this tutorial and completed it only to end up with an invisible ragdoll and the “model missing” error. I’m trying to hex this skin which is for tf2 and apparently a lot more complicated than a css skin. I’m just looking for a simple tut on how to do it. :V If I can figure it out I hope to do a lot more hexes in the future.

If this is too hard and cluttered, don’t worry because I plan on remaking it.

Yeah, tried it and got the same error. If I was doing something simple like a weapon skin with only a few textures I don’t think i’d have a problem. But I clearly don’t know what i’m doing. :B Thanks anyway, and i’m looking forward to the remade video.

If you can, PM me with the steps you’re doing. You would be surprised at the simple mistakes people make when they ask me for hexing help.