Ragdoll Invisible/Unmovable

Ok, so this is probably an easy fix, but google has yielded very little on this, and the few things that MIGHT have worked didn’t. So.

I’m working on a bunch of ragdolls, sort of just seeing what I can do and such, based on FFVII: Crisis Core. I’ve got the main character all worked out nicely: Good collision model, good flexes, the works (well, except fingers, but that’s an easy fix). Compiled fine, spawned in Garry’s mod, worked perfectly.

So I try my next model (Aerith), and everything compiled nicely. Loaded it up in the HLMV, checked out, seemed to be working perfectly. Started Garry’s Mod, browsed to my folder with my Crisis Core models, and just like the rest (did few props, too), her spawn icon appeared, and looked fine. When I try to spawn her, though, all that happens is a shadow appears on the ground where she WOULD have spawned. I used the physgun to see if maybe she’s just invisible, a problem with a texture or something, but it didn’t pick anything up. Like there was nothing there.

I used essentially the same qc file i did for my other ragdolls, just changed the names and filepaths in it as needed. Used the same programs, textures are in the folder i specified, vmt’s are properly created. Hell, like I said, the spawn icon for her model generates just fine. So any idea at all what could be going on here? I’ll post whatever files or logs as requested.

That sounds like a maxed out collison points issue, how many does it have is it 32 or less? Alternatively the same thing can happen with a busted collision model so check that also.

yeap, that was it. she had like… 44? somewhere in there. I had 16 in the body, 12 for her ponytails, and 16 more for her skirt. Was trying to go way too complicated.

Valve’s developer site only said that a standard human would have like 15, but I haven’t found anywhere talking about limits. Anyway, thanks! I’ll get to re-working it to collide more efficiently.

np, glad to help :slight_smile: