Ragdoll model stuck in T-pose even after I thought I rigged it.

Okay, I really suck at this model stuff. I have a question if it’s not too much trouble, I’ve put together a skeleton for my model and even compiled vmt and vtf whatever everything for it. I’ve done it all and all of the files were compiled in GUIStudio and everything. But when I go to test it in-game, it shows up no problem and all that, it’s just that it’s still in T-pose and is like a frozen solid object even though I assigned the bones to the mesh and all of that stuff. So what did I do wrong? Or, what didn’t I do?? This is irritating, I’ve been trying to get this right for days now. Any help is appreciated.

I think I might have screwed up on compiling but i can’t be sure. There were a lot of options.

And if I didn’t put this in the right place or this has already been asked, feel free to yell at me or call me an idiot. Yes.

Does the model have a proper collision mesh, which is also rigged to the bones?
See; https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Collision_mesh and https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$collisionjoints
Every bone you want to be posable needs to have a collision box(or object, whatever) rigged to it, and you also need to specify that bone’s constrains in the .qc.