Ragdoll not appearing after spawning

So I made a model in Blender, gave it bones/armature, and exported as a smd with the blender 2.63 addon. And then made 2 copies called model_reference.smd and model_phy.reference like a tutorial had said.

Next, I made a .qc file called compile.qc and this is what’s inside:

$cd “D:\GMODStuff\model”
$modelname “model.mdl”
$model “model” “model_reference.SMD”
$cdmaterials “models\model”
$surfaceprop “flesh”

$sequence idle “model_reference” ACT_IDLE 1 loop fps 30.00
$sequence ragdoll “model_reference” ACT_RAGDOLL 1 fps 30.00

$hboxset “name hbox set”

$collisionjoints “model_phy.smd” {

$mass 30.0
$inertia 10.00
$damping 0.50
$rotdamping 1.50
$rootbone “unused”

So then, I loaded the .qc file in guistudiomdl.exe and then set it to ep1 engine, gameinfo for gmod, and hit compile. It worked out fine I guess. Although the tutorial .qc had some “joint” stuff. So I don’t have any materials in the gmod directory for it yet, but that shouldn’t be a problem since it should load up with black/purple checkered textures. So, I make a .txt in settings\spawnlist\ called model.txt which is the spawn list and looks like this:

“name” “Model Test”
“model” “models/model/model.mdl”

And in game, I see it on the spawnlist, and click the grey icon with nothing in it, why no thumbnail? Then it says on the side in yellow text saying how the model is missing in sandbox\effects\prop [lua 2.9] something like that. And then at the end it says its missing the model at the directory where its suppose to be so. If I hit z, it says undo prop I saw a similar thread in here and thought it’d be more suitable. I don’t know why the spawnlist can’t locate the .mdl

models/model/model.mdl is missing

Which doesn’t make sense when it is there.

I’m starting to think something was wrong with the mdl compiling since I thought the qc is automatically generated. So do I have to put stuff for every bone in the .qc file?