Ragdoll/NPC into Player Model

Hello, could someone do me a really big favor and make this a player model? I’ve tried to make it work for days now. The ragdoll can be model manipulated to an NPC, but whenever I try to set it as my own model I get the static T-shaped body. Could someone please help me, either by simply telling me how to fix it, or fix it for me?

Also, I’d appriciate if someone could give him the glasses included in the .zip if it’s not too much trouble. Thanks.


(I’m not allowed to post attachments, is this because I’m new?)

I also get the T-pose when setting this as a player model.
I’m going to try recompiling, animations, etc.

BTW, this looks like a regular citizen model when spawned. Is it supposed to, cause otherwise something REALLY got screwed up. lol

Yes, it is simply a hexed and reskinned citizen. I have tried to get the fresh model and rehex it, still won’t work. Also it would be really nice of you to give it a shot.

I will once I re-download Source SDK. I swear, I have to reinstall it every time I restart or something. That damn vstlib error.

It’s probably in a T-pose because it doesn’t have player animations. Also, I’m pretty sure attachments are long gone. The last time I saw one was on a butterfly knife model back in 05.

Ok, I added animations and stuff, but now the face texture’s messed up. It’s a solid skin-colored thing. I’m wondering could the “replace texture” command in the QC be creating problems?

Shouldn’t it have player animations since it’s just a hexed reskin? Anyway, I’m pretty new to this stuff, so i have no idea how QC files work. Thanks for helping anyway though.