ragdoll physics studiomdl error; WARNING: Can't find joint X

I’ve been trying to make a really simple ragdoll in Autodesk Softimage that I can use to get some SNPC testing experience with(it’s just a damn cone with wheels) but for some reason, when studiomdl gets to the physics compiling bit, it always tells me that it “can’t find joint cone01_lwheel, cone01_rwheel, etc” and ends up only compiling one of the bones (with mesh geometry for that bone).

In the next section of the compile log it does say that there is more than one bone present and being compiled into the model, but i’ve tried renaming the bones in both the model and the .qc and so far nothing has gotten the physics compile bit to recognize any of the names I put in there. wat do?

Here’s the .qc and a picture of some of the bone structure.


Try this maybe it works:


Like this:

$rootbone “**ConeHead.**Cone01_axle”
$jointmerge “**ConeHead.**Cone01_axle” “**ConeHead.**Cone01_Cone”

$jointmassbias “**ConeHead.**Cone01_cone” 36.00

$jointmassbias “**ConeHead.**Cone01_lwheel” 7.00
$jointconstrain “**ConeHead.**Cone01_lwheel” y fixed 0.00 0.00 0.00
$jointconstrain “**ConeHead.**Cone01_lwheel” z fixed 0.00 0.00 0.00

I hope, i was able to help you here!