Ragdoll Pillow

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Ragdoll Pillow

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1 (FINAL)

[tab]Description:[/tab] How can i explain it? IT’S A RAGDOLL PILLOW!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod

[tab]Download:[/tab] Zip: http://filebeam.com/ecdef0c7dc149071279f3138ad745056 [/release]

This is my second ragdoll.
I really don’t know why but i have always wanted to make a ragdoll pillow so here it is.
You can use it for comics or throw it in the face of your enemy.
The pillow even have a normalmapp.


Not bad.

Few months ago I was working one that had tiger-ish texture. This one is lot better tough.

Nice work! This is an excellent idea, downloading for sure :D.

I only made it for fun. ^^
Haven’t used more than 15 min on the model and the texture

Flipping awesome!

Pillow! Using…

Good, now there is one which is ragdolled. :v:

that’s awesome! Now i can use it for with my mehogany beds that (i dotn know the name) made!
now the only thing that we need is a ragdoll bed sheet!

WOOT! Pillow fight!

Can you post a link to FileFront? RapidShare doesn’t work for me.

I sense a sleep-over comic :smiley:

In the first pic, it looks REALLY thin. It is still great though :slight_smile:

PILLOW FIGHT! The texture on that looks amazingly awesome.

It looks thin. Very thin.

I can’t because the sing up on file front is bugged.
(can’t sign up)
Maby someone else can host it on file front?


Here is another download link: http://www.savefile.com/files/1004678
(it’s RAR)

Not JUST for pillow fights, but to silence the gunshot and shield the blood splatter of a Terrorist’s bullet entering a Hostage’s brain. :slight_smile:

nice other model a other model to add to my huge collection of models XD

You’re very good at this.

I see a pillow fight with Gman and Alyx o.O