Ragdoll posing in Gmod; aren't some making too much of a big deal about it?

Now, this thread is just due to something I noticed recently, I skimmed through the comments on a few ragdolls that were added on garrysmod.org, and someone asked if they could be made into playermodels, and people replied “No, of course not, playermodels are useless.”.

Now, that’s what bothers me; has Garry’s mod really become so pretentious so that it’s only reserved for pompous artists? Isn’t the point of a game to play it? I mean, I know they do great work and all, but it feels like they more and more act as if the gameplay aspects of this game is for “lesser” players.

And before you hit me with the “Garry’s mod is a sandbox game, it’s made for everything. So you can’t define it’s purpose.”.

Well, I’m not, I’m just curious if others have noticed that as well, how, there’s nothing wrong with posing, but, well, read the post again…

Gmod is a first person game.

You can’t see yourself.

It’s extra work for the person who made the ragdoll.

Playermodels are worthless.

Not to mention that you can always just use Ragmod if it’s that huge of a deal to you.


**You’re only pissed because people in the Screenshots section didn’t like your stuff.

Actually, they found it to be adequate. Haven’t posted anything in months, though.

But, thanks for making my point.

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Oh, and, playermodels are great for roleplaying servers, and for people who likes to play the game instead of just sitting hours on in tweaking stuff with a gravgun for the sake of renown.

I suppose that either the creator did not know how to do it, or he just made the ragdoll because he wanted to use it for just that, posing.

…Tweaking stuff with a gravgun?
Did you KNOW? In GMod there is this one thing called physgun and it looks like THIS:


Posing happens to be the thing I do 99% of the time and it was the first thing I did in GMod.
Here are some examples:
[img_thumb]http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/9841/gmatomic0000f.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/4631/rflounge010015.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/4476/ep2outland10a0011.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/1698/ep2outland10a0002.jpg[/img_thumb]

It’s an issue of rigging the model correctly.

Of course, to me, there’s nothing more useless than props/ragdolls whose only purpose is to look pretty.

That looks terribly boring and generic. You should probably spend your time doing something else more interesting. You look like an exact description of the “pompous artists” OP is talking about, and he’s right about the fact that we have way too many of them.

I do it because I think it is fun to make.
I am not editing them in any way like most of you “good screenshot makers” are.
I pose the models that I download because that is what they are used for.
I think that my screenshots are better than the most shitty possible ones that GModers can make.
Spam of props etc.
I do not post them in the screenshots section.

Some people enjoy ragdoll posing more than building contraptions, and I have no problem with them. Do what you enjoy in Gmod. Whole point of it is to have fun…but when they start getting all high-and-mighty like ragdoll posing is the only true purpose of Gmod according to some secret bullshit conversation with Garry and building contraptions is for the plebes, that’s when I have a problem.

TL;DR - If you like posing ragdolls, do it. Just don’t be a fucking elitist about it.

Who the hell acts like that?


I mean really if you wanna do art just paint, or something.

ragdoll posing?

or you can do controllable ragdolls made of props for some crazy looking contraptions :smug:

If you really want to build something get a degree in engineering.

Mass agree.

GMod is there so that people can do what they want.

You can! I can show you how if you want?

People don’t do it, because it’s just a massive extra load of work for very little reward.

It’s not as much people getting high and mighty about the issue, it’s more akin to people that port models getting seriously annoyed by someone always showing up and demanding playermodels.

Look at most release threads, sooner or later someone shows up and goes MAKE THEM PLAYERMODELS AND NPC NAOW NAOW!!

If you see similar reactions often enough, you tend to get dickish about the issue sooner or later.

I’d personally say that really the only good reason why to have a skeleton rigged to the valve biped is a possibility of easily transfering animations sets from one model to another - which is a boon for movie makers. Admittedly if you can do that, making it a playermodel is quite easy. But the work involved in getting it on the valvebiped is just annoying and often makes the model look like ass.

I’m sure that if it were feasible and someone where aproached by an RP community with a potential, lucid, doable requests on playermodels they might consider it.without a

Isn’t that pretty much the source engine in general?

And also; sorry for bothering you people, I forgot how your hair-trigger egotism gets in the way of all kinds of reason. Ah, well, good to be back.

Not really. Keep in mind that to get a working playermodel you must rig the model to the valve biped which you cannot rescale.

So that brings you to having to rescale the model, on top of that when you port it’s not that hard to recover the model’s original skeleton which more or less reduces the workload a lot.

I agree.

For some reason, gmod seems to attract a very disproportionate amount of elitist ass-hats whom furiously blazons their insignificant opinions and slanders everyone who objects.

I try to ignore them.