Ragdoll posing in Gmod; aren't some making too much of a big deal about it?

Oh gee, this game has a huge community attached to it who create lots and lots of mods, skins and models. This is terrible!

Vinze is the victim here for sure.

I play as a red Spartan from Halo on my own single-player server even though 90% of the time, I don’t see myself. Sometimes I’ll switch to a Hannah Montana model and go on a suicide spree, sometimes I’ll play as a Stalker. Depends on whatever.

I did one ragdoll posing session when I was making a Gmod setup guide for my clan. I had Alyx, the TF2 spy, and 2 headcrabs. Alyx was holding a text screen, the spy was about to backstab her, she had a headcrab on her head and one more jumping at her.

Took me like an hour. Never again. Like I said, if you like it, go for it, just don’t be elitist about it :slight_smile:

Yeah, it takes a little time and dedication. I’m going to edit in in Photoshop (That’s why shadows are absent). Not to brag:


Posing section is for pompous asses who don’t realize that new people can learn, It’s like Taco N’ Banana roleplaying, Make one fucking mistake as you enter and you’re perma’d.

They also get insanely hyped up about any sort of weency error, i play WH40k and if you make one mistake in painting or knock something of someone’s over they flip a shit because they take way too much pride in their little dollies(referring to Posing again) fucking eachother in the asshole or gunning each other down like fucking museum centerpeices. And it’s repetitive. OH HEY HERE’S A GUY GUNNING ANOTHER DOWN, HERE’s A NUDE WOMAN ARTISTICALLY COVERING HERSELF HERES A GUY GUNNING ANOTHER DOWN.

Their heads are firmly up their own arses to the point they can massage their prostate with their tongue because they are so concerned about the positions of a wrist or an ankle or someone looking goofy because of a overdone faceposing slider.

I swear to Slaanesh the only reasons trolls enter that place is because they’re so goddamn easy to piss off, Just say that grain is overdone and they’ll launch a tirade about how you not posing makes you not allowed to speak, I’m fucking sick of it, Since when can we not use Construct? Since when was flatgrass bad?

Enough is enough, By khorne’s thunder, Those who don’t agree with me are likely the people i am talking about. I swear to all four gods of Chaos, If anyone agrees with me. Please let me know as i hope i’m not the only one who noticed this, If you read this all, Thanks.

I read it all.


Thats the agree button.

I do like to pose, but yeah, people just take it too seriously.

Lolol Av3nger seriously that screenshot was fucking dry like a shit on a hot summer day. No Overwatch soldier would have posed in such a retarded position. It looked like a friggin combine gangbang on the ground. PS: Send angering messages at me for saying that ain’t gonna work.

I wonder if these kids ever heard of proper roleplay? And I’m not talking about freaking darkRP bullshit. Im saying that there ARE gamemodes that you can actually /charfallover in. There are seriously too many kids in gmod who has these dumb attitudes towards shit they cant figure out. I mean seriously now. Just beacause you cant see yourself 24/7 It doesnt stop you from being that “Model” you are wish. What matters is what the people on the server think is nice.

Go play with dolls instead, faggot.


The perfect example of a broken base, looking at the above posts.

“Garry’s Mod is about Building!”
“No, it’s about posing!”
“No, machinima!”

In the end, there’s no way to stop these kind of arguments about what everything is about. Every side will have it’s pompous, god-complex idiots and people with genuinely good reasons, but it’s likely such arguments will never come to an end.

I still think ragdoll posing is interesting. It’s nice to see what creations you can come up with. However, I will agree most people don’t do it properly and that’s what pisses people off. It’s not that most of us are pretentious or pompous, it’s just that after years of playing GMod, you get tired of seeing poorly posed ragdolls and attempt-to-be-funny pictures. Most people make the ragdolls sag and shit, and it looks like absolute garbage. Most of them have no real look. Like anything else, chances are if you think it looks good, there are 40 people that think it sucks.

LOL UR AN Idiot. Of course its called a physgun, but ITS BASICALLY DETACHED from the OLD physgun viewmodel, and has adopted in its place the Dark Energy Grav-gun’s model. So Stop dissing the guy for calling the Physgun what it really is, and start answering his questions properly.

A troll bumping a troll thread, good job.

As long as you enjoy yourself in GMod then there’s nothing to worry about, the only problem is if you take a screenshot submission too seriously, like submitting some amateur artwork to an official gallery, you can expect the elites to laugh at your efforts just because they lack any moral fibre.

As long as you don’t take it so seriously there’s not a problem.

I have to agree with the elitists with posing. I mentioned that I didn’t want to edit my pics with Photoshop because it felt wrong and I was told that was stupid and they’d be horrible. Not to mention that instead of constructive criticism, and instead I get
'they’re shooting at a wall lol ’ (just because it was a WIP when I posted.) or ’ it’s bad ’ I haven’t worked on it since, no motivation.


this was made in an hour, yours must have taken like 5 minutes