Ragdoll Posing Pictures

Hi guys, I’m new to facepunch.I really wanna fit in to the commuity of gmod, So I have some photo’s to show for you guys! Check my Screenshots of my Steam Profile, It should be listed as a icon under my name, And then go to my screen shots and see if you like them!I am right now trying to make a lady play piano, So be looking for a picture of that!


You know there’s a section for screenshots, right?

Oh I’m sorry.I will post there, Didn’t realize that.Excuse my lack of looking.

No worries, just try to lurk a bit before posting. Then stuff like this won’t happen in the future.



Honestly, though not deeply humorous, your posing is actually somewhat decent. The legs aren’t straight like cardboard and it looks like you’ve taken your time doing these.

You missed the bullet holes on the wall from the gun used to bloody the body.

I’m talking about posing the ragdolls, not small details that were overlooked.