Ragdoll Posing

Here you can post you best/funniest/worst screenshots of your ragdoll posing! Sorry if the english is bad, Im from Sweden.

Sure, we can.

But noone is going to.

We could post it in your thread.

Or we could post them in the section called Screenshots & Movies.

I am


…im guessing your between the ages 9-12

i’m just going to make my own thread to post my own screenshots,thanks

Why is it that every shitty megathread thing is made and rushed out by a newbie who is as cheesecurls put it, between the ages of 9-12?

Because they’re 9-12, simple as that is how I see it.

blasphemy! **

What about the other guys that bump loads of old threads ? I think you are underestimated.

Let it die, goddamn.