Ragdoll problem

I have a problem With some of my ragdolls.


This happens with some of them.How do I fix this???

you need to upload an image to a host before you can put it on the internet. use FileSmelt.


spawn it in the sky

??? I didn’t understand.

That doesn’t help me fix the ragodoll.

Look at the sky and then click on the ragdoll yo want to spawn

It doesn’t work :suicide:

I need more ideas to fix this.

Did you buy Gmod 10?

I downloaded it and I don’t remember what version it is.

So you do not own a legit copy of Gmod 10 on Steam?


(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Gmod" - Autumn))

Then we can’t help you

Really??? Why???

Because you illegally obtained a copy of the software. Its only $10, go buy it.

Because you didn’t buy gmod, and warez is not allowed on the forum

This wouldn’t help him. Even if he spawned it in the sky, it wouldn’t work. If a model looks all bunched up into a ball, then there’s something wrong with what they did, or they don’t have a legit copy of Garry’s Mod. You’d only spawn it in the sky if it clips through the ground and you can’t get it.

I didn’t have any way to buy it

Then get a way


Depends really

Either get the money and buy it yourself or get the money and ask your parents I guess