Ragdoll quality issue thing

Here is a video to show my problem i have. It probably doesn’t show it very well but il also explain it here.
When i pose a Ragdoll and walk away the quality of the ragdoll changes. In gmod 12 there was an option to fix this.
I tried r_rootlod 0 but it didn’t work.

If you notice when i face posed and walked away it snaps back to its default face until i get to a certain distance it will snap back.

Hopefully that made some type of sense

What you are experiencing is commonly referred to as “LOD,” or “level of detail.” This method lowers the visual quality of a model when a client is at a distance away from the model that doesn’t require as much detail. Some models, those of which are community made, don’t have LOD sub-models, and therefore can be very poorly optimized if many are on the map at the same time. TF2 models all have a minimum of three LOD models, the first being default, the other two being over some distances, and HL2 models of major characters have at least one second LOD model. This makes TF2 models really well optimized, but they aren’t so good for animations unless you take a few certain steps.

Ray Koeford, a pretty well rounded Garry’s Mod machinima maker from way back when, gives a few tips and tricks, one of which being how to remove LOD filtering, in a “tricks and tips” section of his site:

Thanks so much! i finally got it all set :smiley:
Found the command and all.