ragdoll request!

i was wondering if theres anone out there that is good a t making skins. i would prefer that my ragdolls not be just reskins because i dont want to replace any of the current characters i have. what i want is simple just a re creation of me and a friend as gmod ragdolls. just let me know if your interested and ill send you pictures full body of us for you to ragdollize clothes and all.

I can guarantee whatever anyone makes, you’ll go NO NO NO THAT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ME. It happens to everyone.

Still though, I’d try asking in model/skin requests forum if I were you.

i didnt know there was one, ill head there now. dut no worries about that whole “it doesnt look like me” thing. im not picky and as long as it bears a a basic resemblance im happy