Ragdoll request

ok… sigh g-mod ragdolls… who can make them? heh

and more importantly who isn’t an anti-furry noob -.-"

this is sort of a personal request (aka I don’t want the models to be put on like gmod.org) cuz hey are RP chars of both me and my GF…

I can give images of the 4 chars (2 have wings 2 don’t) scaled and everything…

reason I want these are for an anniversary gift (we are in class… in other words we cant really afford anything) of when we became bf/gf…so as I said… no $ so thought full is all ether of us can give ^^"

just ask and Ill give you as much info as I can :frowning:

and no Im only giving the pics to the person who agrees to make them… don’t wanna see some random person upload them to g-mod w/o knowing who to yell at :frowning:


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You missed this forum, also: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/44-Model-Skin-Requests

oh… Im new here so I didn’t notice it heh… figured under g-mod might be ok though posts in requests

and yah the request is for 4 furry models… so… if the dude is a noob who hates furrys… yah… it wont work >_>

most of facepunch

Not an excuse, any child could look around before posting just to make sure.