Ragdoll Resize

someone have link of ragdoll risize tool … i need fast ^^

There is no tool to resize ragdolls.
You’d need to decompile the ragdoll and increase it’s scale.

^^^That’s not entirely true…

Go here.
Full instructions included.

I got this a while ago and it did work, but now I get some strange dll error so don’t know whats going on.

But I did manage to scale a few models to various sizes.

That’s pretty much the same thing as adding $scale # to a QC, just in application form.

Not exactly…simply adding in $scale will not alter the physics of the ragdoll. You need to edit things like mass, eye positions, etc. That’s exactly what that application does.

That’s exactly what I said, just in more detail.
Rated bad reading.

thx for help! you safe my day ^^