Ragdoll Size tool

I know there is a rag doll inflator but that just focoses on one part.
i want one that changes the entire size of the ragdolls with out having to worry about
it looking demorphed.

That’d require some pretty big code, capable of altering the skeleton as well as the models/materials.

but this is doable…

We’ve got prop and player resizers

I’m sure someone could pull it off on ragdolls/npcs

We can’t resize physics nor skeltons… the prop resizer only creates a physics box based on the AABBs of the model.

Maybe a tool that replaces a model, with a (pre-made) larger model, instead of actaully altering the original model?

Or just spawn the pre-made model from the spawnmenu? o_O

yeah but it would be more convienent this way…
i ment more convienent with tthe ragdoll resizer tool.

the only problem is, u cant resize ragdoll collisions for source engine

well all it is really is just making the model and skelleton itself bigger.they made a giant headcrab same model and crap only bigger so why not a tool it would make things much easier.
plus this is a VIDEOGAME.anything is possible in a video game.think of all the vrazy stuff thats bin made in a videogame.

in a video game there is no boundries.
heck we even got the “model manipulator” wich replaces any model with any thing and if youu did it with a headcrab and a human it would be all messed up and stuff.

on a side note about the model manipulator it sucks you cant do it with effects models becuase it just turns up as a watermelon.

That depends on what engine it uses, even so, it would always have boundaries somewhere.
Especially Source, this is a pretty basic engine nowadays, to be honest, the boundaries for Source are pretty easily found. Although, I heard there’s a download on Garrysmod.org which is HL2 ragdolls but smaller. That’s about the closest it gets though, I’m afraid.