ragdoll strecher

There should be a default swep called “The ragdoll strecher”

And it could strech NPC’s too!

I’m not too sure if that is even possible.
I’d doubt it.

I could have sworn there was a command that did this. It had an effect on ragdolls like if you shoot a Stalker without the model fix.

Yeah there was, but Garry removed it. :zoid: grrr why?

sv_pedanticragdolls 1

Sadly that was removed…

sv_pedanticragdolls 1.
You will be loled at. SALUTE fires a firework that explodes into the G symbol

Don’t underestimate the power of LUA.

Amen. :sax:

Wound’t this be like a prop resizer? Probably very complex. What uses would it have? Someone would probably make it if they knew of a lot of uses for a ragdoll stretcher.


But yes, it is powerful.

I heard resizing ragdolls would not be possible

Even prop resizer is buggy as hell

Not possible until Haza releases his querymdl module.