Ragdoll this for me?


I understand that ragdolling shit is difficult, seeing as I still haven’t managed to do it successfully, but I bring a model that I REEEEEAAAAALLY want in Source. It comes from an Oblivion addon, as an armor set. It’s a recreation of the Berserker armor from the manga Berserk, worn by the main character. My most recent model release was a recreation of the same character’s sword, so having this model would be absolutely fucking perfect.

I managed to get the armor pieces in to 3DS max, and spent a couple of hours remoothing the entire god damn thing so it looked right. Then I converted the textures to VTF and such. I’ve done about half the process, it just needs to be rigged (PROPERLY) to a biped, with finger posing, and a jiggleboned cape or something like that if at all possible. If it absolutely must go, then remove the cape. It was already rigged to the Oblivion biped, but I used NIFskope to open the NIF files (Oblivion mesh) and convert them to OBJ, which doesn’t support bones.

I’ll also be handling the textures and stuff. They’re pretty much converted, but I still need to write up the VMT files.

If you’re willing to help, I will upload an archive containing the MAX scene and the Source textures. If you use a program other than 3DS Max, let me know what format you want me to export it to.

Nobody? I compiled the mesh as a static prop to test the materials out and it all looks perfect:


if your using nifcope then import it with bones and export it as smd, why re-rig it? just rename the bones, not sure if that works with source but try it

I can only export the models as OBJ when using NIFskope. I imported those OBJs in to 3DS Max and started resmoothing them. Do I have an outdated version of Nifskope or something? If I could have exported to SMD I would have done that to retain the skeleton, but there was no option to export to any other format.

no use nif tools for 3ds max, so you can import the nif with bones, I use it for fallout 3 stuff oblivion from what I heard works the same no nifscope is needed

Oh hey didn’t notice the import tools for Max.

I tried to import one of the armor pieces but I guess I need the original Oblivion skeleton.nif file if I want to import the bones as well, but I don’t have it since I don’t own Oblivion. You think you could toss that my way? If I can import the skeleton and collision models then I can probably get this thing working on my own.

I dont own it either, only fallout 3, search around and see if the skeleton is up anywhere

Give me the .NIF please. I think I still have the male_skeleton.

Couldn’t you just send me the skeleton? If I can get all that together then I shouldn’t have an issue porting it myself. I’m able to import the collision model.

you know everything about the jiggle bones and qc right?

Jiggle bones, no, but I can manage with the QC. I’ll start without the cape then I’ll look in to jigglebones and attempt that.

$jigglebone “bip01_BN_L_pipe01” {
is_flexible {
yaw_stiffness 200
yaw_damping 6
pitch_stiffness 200
pitch_damping 8
tip_mass 5
length 30
angle_constraint 37

you that one for a jiggle bone

Damn, I think I lost the skeleton. When you’re importing the .NIF, though, it will say at the bottom the directory male_skeleton is in and you can export it that way and put it somewhere that 3ds max will use.

I don’t know how experienced you are in rigging and modeling and all that, so I’ll say this just to be safe. You don’t need to rename all the bones to Valve’s skeleton unless you want animations (Which is unlikely as they’ll probably look very strange on their animations anyways). You just need to rename the hand and finger bones if you want finger posing. Jiggle bones are also very easy.

yeah I don’t need animations. While having this as a player model would be really nice, it’s not necessary. I just want to use it for posing…and…just to have, quite frankly.

I’ll still need to find someone who can supply me with the skeleton. I would have extracted it from Oblivion myself if I had the game.

I’m moderately experienced when it comes to rigging. I’ve done plenty of weapon skins for CSS, but character models are something I haven’t explored too much in to. Perhaps I can learn off this project then.

PS: Thanks for the block of code, Plasmid.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found a download for the base skeleton.