Ragdoll to Npc Tool

I think or believe there should be a tool that allows ragdolls to turn to npc’s with weapons, that also allows you to pick what type of npc, like combine or rebel or citizen. I think it might be a good idea.

so, you shoot a random ragdoll with a gun and you chose what ncp you want it to turn into? Like if a spawn alyx and shoot her with the gun set for alyx she will become an ncp?

a player model version would also be very nice

Yes, or for example you have a ragdoll with no npc, you just shoot it with the tool gun and it’s a npc. The tool should also allow you to choose weapons for it to use, maybe even sweps.

Just use the model manipulator

what if you shoot something that isn’t an ncp? For example, go to gmod and start a game. Open the menu and go to hl2 characters. There is a lot of dead people that aren’t ncps. What would happen if you shoot them? Also the zombie models (Zombie, Poison Zombie, Zombine) are all ragdolls without headcrabs. When you shoot them would the headcrab appear?

It’d be cool if when you shot the ragdoll with the tool gun, it didn’t just stand up in the blink of an eye…but it made an animation that shows the ragdoll standing up.

some ncps don’t have that animation (I know zombie does, but I don’t know about the fast one or mossman etc)

I think that there should be an option to choose the class of the npc, like npc_alyx or npc_combine_s.

I think You should use Model Manipulator

This would not work. See, not every ragdoll has animations. So this tool would not work. It would be the exact same as Model Manipulator.

This will work.
Just make a script that gets the ragdoll model name, finds the equal to it in a table of npcs, remove the ragdoll and spawn the needed npc.