Ragdoll tutorial for 3dsmax

:siren:Ragdoll Tutorial for 3ds Max:siren:

Ok This is my first written tutorial so please excuse my errors.

Go ahead and load up 3ds Max, I’ll wait…

I am just going to use a simple model
This is just a cylinder with 3 height segments.
(One height segment for every joint)
Convert this cylinder to a editable poly. You are now going to want to create 3 bones one bone in each segment. Delete the extra part added on after creating the bones.
Add a skin modifier.
Select Edit Envelops and then click add. Click all then click select
Have Vertices’s selected then click on bone01
Open up the weight tool under weight properties and select the bottom vertices’s of the cylinder then click 1. Select the vertices’s of high segment 1 and click 0.5. It should look like this:http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/1708/70829429gy0.th.jpg
Select bone02 then select the two high segments next to it and press 0.5.
Select bone03 and select high segment 2 click 0.5. Select the top vertices of the cylinder and click 1. It SHOULD now look like this:
Now if you select the bones you should be able to move the cylinder around and tweak it like a ragdoll as shown below
Go ahead and add a texture and export the model as reference (or anything else you see fit)
Delete the skin modifier and select all of the faces and put it to smooth group 1. Re-add the skin modifier now and reassign the bones as before. You should now be ready to re-export the model as phys.SMD But this time export as a sequence.

This is my .qc that I used

$modelname “Mr123\Tutorial\Tutorial.mdl”
$cdmaterials “models/Mr123\Drugs”
$model studio “C:\Documents and Settings\Tanner\Desktop\ragdoll\reference.SMD”
$surfaceprop “rock”
$scale 1
$keyvalues { “prop_data” {“base” “Plastic.Medium”}
$sequence ragdoll “C:\Documents and Settings\Tanner\Desktop\ragdoll\phys.SMD” ACT_DIERAGDOLL 1 fps 30.00
$collisionjoints “C:\Documents and Settings\Tanner\Desktop\ragdoll\reference.SMD” {
$mass 50.0
$inertia 1.00
$damping 0.00
$rotdamping 0.00
$rootbone “bone01”

If you renamed your bones just change $rootbone to what ever your first bone is named. You can now compile your model. Go ahead and open up your model in Model Viewer and go to the physics tab.
Skip ahead to bone 2 (bone 1 won’t do anything as it is are base bone) Change your minimum and maximum slide to how ever much you want your ragdoll to be able to move. (this must be done on all axis’s you want) I did not change x because it has no affect on my model do to how it is positioned. I set my maximum to 30 and minimum to -30 on y and z axis for bone 2 and 3. You can test to see how far it will move you can use the test slide. You will now want to hit generate QC button (it copy’s the code to your clip board) then paste it into your qc as shown below

You can delete the highlighted line if you don’t already have it in your QC. You can now recompile if your qc is how you like it.

:siren:** DONE **:siren:

If I did something wrong or you have questions go ahead and ask me. (The model did load in gmod and worked perfectly)

:siren:VIDEO TUTORIAL:siren:
If you could not under stand what i was trying to say or you just are to lazy to read it watch my video tutorial. Sorry if you can not understand at parts. I had to do a voice over so at parts i mess up.

Video 1

Video 2

Why did you delete the skin modifier before applying the smoothing groups? You can leave it, you know.

Good job.

Thanks, this could come in handy.

I deleted it so that when i change over to editable poly and go to polygons a error message does not pop up and confuse some people. Also I’ll have a video tutorial on here soon.

How do I? StudioCompiler is saying

Extra App ID set to 211, but no SteamAppId


That is a studio compiler error not a tutorial error use GUIStudioMDL instead to compile your stuff that’s what i used.

And if you really want to use Studio compiler I’m pretty sure that you edit your gameinfo.txt

Bookmark’d, thanks :smiley:

No problem. I’m working on that video tutorial now.

Sorry, but your tutorial is conveying some false habits, and improper porting techniques.

Like how you made your collision model(PHY-Model) and how you skipped some important steps, which are critical to novice modders.

Also I feel it would be very beneficial to do what no other tutorial has done before. and that is to video record the setup process. even more harder then compiling, is setting up your system for compiling. Finding working tools, and how to use them effectively.

All in all, I’m happy that you made this tutorial, it’s not only useful to others. But helps yourself understand better what your doing. Cause hey if you can explain it, you pretty much know your stuff.

-good stuff

Ok so by my collision model are you saying you would have liked it if i split up my model and done it like that to make a proper collision model? Well if so in the video tutorial I am making i even say well I am not going to use a true phys model because this is a ragdoll tutorial. But i can make a true phys model if you would like.


So you want a tutorial on how to set up your computer to work with 3ds Max and everything else to compile?


I LOVE YOU. I’ve been wanting to do this forever.

if this works…

Trust me it works :slight_smile:

Does this works also for rigged characters?

Well if a character is already rigged then it would be already rag dolled.

Did you ditch the video idea? or is it still pending

Still pending i am having audio problems. When i talk its fine then after like 2 minutes if i put some kind of stress on my computer it skips through the audio so then i’m talking ahead of what i’m doing.

simple to solve…Just record you voice and add in the sound later to explain shit. IMO I just record what I am doing and edit in sound, pause it when I am explaining something rather large. But overall good tutorial

Now if someone can post a nice easy to follow tutorial on taking a model built in max and compiling it to work with GMod and textures and so fourth. I can’t do any of that, but only model :frowning:

So you want a tutorial on how to make a model then compile it to gmod?

Yeah i know. I already recorded the video now i just need to add sound.

Or just add subtitles.
It doesn’t need to have audio.

How do I make a model have boobs?