Ragdoll Video Tutorial Using XSI Mod Tool


Remember to download ALL of the files in order to get everything you need!!**


Ok, so the reason to why I decided to make this tutorial is because, I’ve seen a lot of Ragdolling Tutorials for 3DSMax and not enough for XSI Mod Tool. So I decided to make one myself. :smiley:


Hope you like!

–RAPIDSARE– <— for all of you who don’t like FileFront. :smiley:

Thanks for the QC file MagNet!

Yeay! Spongebob for prison comics!

Why not!

Panther, you are god. This tutorial is so great. This is just what I needed for my model that’s still in progress. Do you think you can make a tutorial for creating skins for custom models in XSI?

Thanks! Glad you guys like! :smiley:

Can you upload on rapidshare?

no, sorry. :frowning:

That’s it? That’s all that my tutorial is going to get recognized for! Come on!

OOoo downloading part1 as I type :smiley: can’t wait to try this out…

I’ve been lookin’ for exactly this type of thing for so long!
Thank you!

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None of the downloads are working at all, and I REALLY want thos tutorial. Can you put the videos on youtube and the files on Rapidshare please?

The downloads are not working! Please, I would really like to have this. :smiley:

Spongebob drops soap

I was thinking 18 man sex poses, but that will work too I guess…

Hahaha, some of the replies here are pretty good. I can really imagine that penis model and spongebob in the showers, with big bob. Mmmmm yea, that sounds nice.

Wow that’s wierd… I’ll try to upload them to rapidshare. :v:

Would love the learn, but me thinks FileFront crashed. Can’t get a server to download if from, etc.


I’m getting “Can’t Contact file sever, click here to try again” and "Invalid Key or in use or Missing File

Your download key for the requested file is invalid. Download keys are only valid for 48 hours. Once your download is complete, the key is no longer valid. Keys are also only valid for the original server.

Additionally this error may be caused because the file was not found on the server. "

Please, do not upload the videos to Rapidshare, just the one file and the rest of the videos to Youtube if possible because after each download from rapidshare, you have to wait like 20 minutes.



I couldn’t upload to youtube because all my videos are over 10 mins long. :frowning:

By the way, it’s all in one .rar file. :smiley:

Thank you so much ThePanther!

Wow, 152mb… Must be a good tutorial :smiley:

Wow, many thanks dude. :smiley:
I know it is a bid late to answer. ^^


But you have the valve addon that works. Wow.
I have an addon to but it doesn’t work. :frowning:
So can you please sent me the link of the download for the good addon??
Already thanks. :smiley:

P.S. :smiley: HAPPY NEWYEAR!!! :smiley: