ragdoll weapon

you can use the ragdoll to the model of a weapon? I’m working on a model of a spiked club but do not know how to make sure the chain is free

Unless someone from the Facepunch team eventually sorts through the mess of making cloth physics from Dota usable in GMod, I’m not sure you’ll be able to achieve quite the desired effect you want (assuming this is a view model). You can always try to mimic this to the best of your abilities using animations and jigglebones, though.

If this is for a world model, you can use $collisionjoints instead of $collision mesh which basically means you’d add a bone to the club, whatever’s at the end of the club, then a few along the chain.

Sorry about the poor explanations, I’m extremely tired right now. If nobody else elaborates on this when I’m up, I’ll see if I can provide more help.