ragdoll will not pass through hole in an object (blender)

I have made a model in blender with a hole, but my ragdolls will not go through! Somebody has already told me to compile it as a concave model, but I do not know how to. Any help?

Alright, so say I have this model here:


In order to make the collision model for it, I’m going to have to make it out of convex subparts. So basically I’m going to make 4 separate box objects like this:


Now I’m going to select all of them and join them all together with CTRL + J and then I’m going to hit smooth at the left to smooth out all their normals.


Now the last crucial step before you export either of your SMDs is to make sure you apply your object transforms for both your collision model and your actual visible model. To do that, press space and then type “Apply Object” and it should come up. Then check all the boxes in the bottom left otherwise it won’t do anything.


And now your collision model is ready for the concave command. Here’s an example QC:

Thank you so much! But would there be a way to do it if I made a hole by using the boolean modifier?
If you don’t know what the boolean modifier does, it makes holes in objects however you HAVE to use a second object. Here is how it is done:

Hah yeah I’ve been using Blender for a while, I’m familiar with it.

You can’t make collision models with the boolean modifier because the whole point of the boolean modifier is to create concave models, so it’s fine for your actual visible model, but your collision model must be built from convex boxes by hand.

Sorry for asking so many questions, I am new to blender, but how would I make a collision model? Thanks in advance!

Haha was the tutorial I just posted not clear enough? Hit the primitive cube button at the left, put them over your model, following the shape, then join them together following the steps above.

Oh, ok. Thank you so much!

I actually have another thing to ask.
When making a model, a video told me to make 3 exact copies of the model.
cube_thing (original)
cube_thing_idle (animation for the model)
cube_thing_phys (idk)
would that mean cube_thing_phys is the collision model?

Yup, you got it

Hooray! Thank you so much! :dance: