Ragdoll won't compile?

That’s the log:

Yes, I DO have pyro_model.smd in folder.
Can provide QC if needed.
Looks at dumb and funny ratings

It’s looking in rootfolder/parts/smd/pyro_model/
Do you have the .qc in there or the rootfolder?

I have it everywhere, literally.

Can you show us what the .qc file looks like?

I may be able to fix it, had same proplem. Hopefully you do too.

 $include pyro_definevariables.qci

$modelname player/pyro.mdl

// defining the upaxis is needed for maya exports
$upaxis Y

$body      pyro  $modelFile$
$sequence  ref   $modelFile$

$attachment "head" "bip_head" -0.00 -9.18 1.47 rotate 68.17 -90.00 0.00
$attachment "weapon_bone_L" "weapon_bone_L" 0.00 0.00 0.00 rotate 0.00 -0.00 -0.00
$attachment "weapon_bone" "weapon_bone" 0.00 0.00 0.00 rotate -0.00 -0.00 0.00
$attachment "weapon_bone_1" "weapon_bone_1" -0.00 0.00 0.00 rotate -0.00 -0.00 0.00
$attachment "weapon_bone_2" "weapon_bone_2" -0.00 0.00 0.00 rotate -0.00 -0.00 0.00
$attachment "weapon_bone_3" "weapon_bone_3" -0.00 0.00 0.00 rotate -0.00 -0.00 0.00
$attachment "weapon_bone_4" "weapon_bone_4" -0.00 0.00 0.00 rotate -0.00 -0.00 0.00
$attachment "flag" "bip_spine_2" -0.65 6.91 9.17 rotate -2.51 -2.14 -14.44
$attachment "partyhat" "bip_head" -0.00 -7.68 1.47 rotate 68 -90 -0

$bonemerge weapon_bone
$bonemerge weapon_bone_L
$bonemerge weapon_bone_1
$bonemerge weapon_bone_2
$bonemerge weapon_bone_3
$bonemerge weapon_bone_4
$bonemerge bip_head
$bonemerge medal_bone
$bonemerge mvm

$cdmaterials "models/player/pyro/"
$cdmaterials "models/effects/pyro/"

$texturegroup "pyro_Skins"
{ pyro_red                   }
{ pyro_blue                  }
{ pyro_red_invun             }
{ pyro_blue_invun            }
{ pyro_red_zombie_alphatest  }
{ pyro_blue_zombie_alphatest }
{ pyro_red_zombie_invun      }
{ pyro_blue_zombie_invun     }

// include the file that sets up the ikchains
$include ../../TF_animation_rules/ruleshierarchy.qci

// include the animations.mdl
$includemodel player/pyro_animations.mdl

// include the remaining files
$include pyro_ragdoll.qci
$include pyro_hitbox.qci
$include pyro_gibs.qci 

also post your definevaribles qci

I see you’re using my 2013 modelsrc tool. The problem here is in the location of the files.

The only thing that’s causing this is that the pyro_model.smd is not in the “C:/manhunt/pir/parts/smd/pyro_model/” folder.

Also, the QC should be in “C:/manhunt/pir/scripts/” folder.

Everything is placed where you said, Joe. Pasting .qci

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// Define the variables that pyro.qc will use.

// Main model
$definevariable p1          "../parts/smd/pyro_model"
$definevariable modelFile   $p1$/pyro_model.smd
$definevariable pyro_lod_01 $p1$/lod1_pyro_model.smd
$definevariable pyro_lod_02 $p1$/lod2_pyro_model.smd
$definevariable pyro_lod_03 $p1$/lod3_pyro_model.smd
$definevariable pyro_lod_04 $p1$/lod4_pyro_model.smd
$definevariable pyro_lod_05 $p1$/lod5_pyro_model.smd

// Head bodygroup
$definevariable p2          "../parts/smd/pyro_head_bodygroup"
$definevariable headFile    $p2$/pyro_head_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable head_lod_01 $p2$/lod1_pyro_head_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable head_lod_02 $p2$/lod2_pyro_head_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable head_lod_03 $p2$/lod3_pyro_head_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable head_lod_04 $p2$/lod4_pyro_head_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable head_lod_05 $p2$/lod5_pyro_head_bodygroup.smd

// Grenades bodygroup
$definevariable p3              "../parts/smd/grenades_bodygroup"
$definevariable grenadesFile    $p3$/grenades_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable grenades_lod_01 $p3$/lod1_grenades_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable grenades_lod_02 $p3$/lod2_grenades_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable grenades_lod_03 $p3$/lod3_grenades_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable grenades_lod_04 $p3$/lod4_grenades_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable grenades_lod_05 $p3$/lod5_grenades_bodygroup.smd

// Backpack bodygroup
$definevariable p4              "../parts/smd/backpack_bodygroup"
$definevariable backpackFile    $p4$/backpack_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable backpack_lod_01 $p4$/lod1_backpack_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable backpack_lod_02 $p4$/lod2_backpack_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable backpack_lod_03 $p4$/lod3_backpack_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable backpack_lod_04 $p4$/lod4_backpack_bodygroup.smd
$definevariable backpack_lod_05 $p4$/lod5_backpack_bodygroup.smd

// Ragdoll animation
$definevariable ragdollFile "../parts/smd/ragdoll.smd"

Well, you didn’t change anything. Does your exported model have the same name?

If yes, then I don’t know what else to say. Zip up your project folder and send it over. It’s much easier to debug if the source files are present.

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It compiled perfectly fine for me. I honestly have no idea why it’s not working on your end.

Finally compiled it.