Ragdolled Synth

I’ve NEVER seen a ragdolled version of the crab or mortar synth.
I would appreciate it if someone ragdolled the crab synth, with the chaingun that’s in its gut/head of course.
I’m pretty sure the giant headcrab model is around the same size, so you could just use the basic part of the skeleton for this.
I’m sure the community would love to see this and love whoever makes it.


Page with more info on it: http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Crab_Synth
ahh, gotta love the overwiki!

What is a Syth?

A bad guy from satr wars.

I seriously read the title as “Ragdolled Synth”


Sorry, my “n” key apparently didn’t work, I can fix everything but the title. I ment SYNTH. I’ll put a pic at the top for everyone to see.

No takers?

To fix the title, PM a mod.

Ragdolling the synths, I’ll try later on, after I’ve taken a few more classes on 3D modeling.

Who is “a mod,” the moderator for his forum?
cool, I think you could use the skeleton from the giant headcrab found here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=41668
With an extra bone for the gattling gun so it can be deployed/retracted.

Moderators (Mods) are Jaanus or PLing, they’re who you need to ask about it.

The Giant Headcrab wont have a Giant Skeleton it will have a skeleton the same as the normal headcrab just the model and skeleton have been scaled upto large scale in the qc (as I don’t see why someone would re-rig it for no reason). Though i suppose you could use the headcrab skeleton for what your on about, but the model would have to be headcrab sized then scaled up like that.

Wait, I’m confused, you said the skeleton is larger, wouldn’t that mean it has a skeleton that works? TO my simple mind you just said “It won’t work, but it will”

The skeleton wasn’t edited, just rescaled in the compile directions file; that’s a totally different thing than actually rigging something to a skeleton.

oh, okay. I don’t know anything about modeling. I figured hammer is closer to CAD so I won’t be as confused when I sit down to work.

Actually, Hammer is technically a modeling program too. Just a ton simpler.

It even has smoothing groups…

Hmm, no clue what those are, but that does make an interesting point.

Okay, Pling fixed the title, now it reads “Ragdolled Synth” like its supposed to.

That’s a screenshot of Hammer’s smoothing groups dialog box, straight from the Valve wiki.

Is there a page that could explain how to make props using hammer? Because I found this model I want, but its a brush in hammer…

You know, this thread is so old that he probably found it?