Ragdolling Tutorial: Links to any?

I tried MK’s tutorial, but some options he showed that are needed to progress did not show up for me, I’m a total newcomer to 3dsmax, so I just need to be held by the hand for a tiny bit, then I’ll get the hang of it, any good beginner tutorials? Also, I am trying to rig a basic human

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=542906&highlight=mariokart thats the main ragdolling tutorial for GMod as far as I know, its quite useful for basic tips and process for ragdolling.

I don’t use 3dmax myself so i can’t really help with any technical issues you may have but if you have any porting or compiling issues, that I can help you with ^^ (just PM me if you need any help)


the tutorials are based on 3dsmax8
if your 3dsmax is a different version, that may be why. please detail the area your stuck at.

Yeah, I have 3dsmax9, not 8. Basically, the first 3 steps I can’t do, the polygon counter onward I don’t have access to

whats wrong with my spelling O_O little fuckers!

> ok max9 is essentially totally upside down lol.

but the basics are the same, max2010 is really different. that program actually scares me. <_<

the polycounter is useless. if at any point your screen is lagging, then that’s a pretty big clue that your model has too many polygons.

also you should be watching the youtube videos, since I know for a fact the written tutorial isn’t complete

Watching your vids now, thanks :slight_smile:

What I am attempting:

Ah so you’ve got it working ^^ Though as i’ve told you that thing will not compile as 40654 (think thats the right number, its definately over 40000) tries is way too many for it (at least it crashed when I tried to compile it).

40 …yeah that might be a bit much

How do I get the polys lower? (also, scaling is a bitch, Gino bugs out when I scale him(implodes more like)

if youre willing to dl another tool, xsi mod tool has a poly reducer tool and can export to .smd and .vmf :smiley:

Heres a better pic of that Godzilla model if anyone’s interested:

It would be very useful to know if there is a way to reduce the polycount wiithout butchering or remaking the model.