Ragdolls and objects missing after loading

I installed Vista 64bit recently, Gmod was running fine on Vista 32bit, but now I’m experiencing an annoying bug/error. After loading a savegame, all ragdolls (aside from the Barney ragdoll!) are missing. The savegame-thumbnail shows all objects, but they aren’t there. They aren’t just invisible, they have dissapeared somehow.

I already googled for solutions and found none, tried the command line parameter -32bit and compability mode for XP SP2, nothing works.

I would re-install Vista 32bit, but with a new PC with 4 Gig of RAM it’s pretty pointless to do so. All other games are running just fine on 64bit, even the Oldies (Sin, Blood 2, etc.)

Oh, before someone comes up with this: there was a similar glitch in February 2008 with savegame issues like this one, but including a severe savegame crash, too. Browsing the old threads however didn’t help very much in this case.

I installed Steam and Gmod this morning for the first time on Vista64.


All original characters are properly saved, but no custom ragdolls or refugees with different clothes (after using texturepacks to change their outfit). This never happened before. Weird.

edit: edit:

This is getting even weirder. I deleted Gmod, made a full re-install through Steam and merely used a handful of custom ragdolls and textures I’m using for ages now (Gordon Freeman and Korin, for example). Still the same issue with dissappearing models… with one exception: when I’m spawing an NPC Gordon (it’s a replacement for group3/male4) AND the corresponding ragdoll, after saving and loading the ragdoll is still visible and useable. As soon as I’m deleting the NPC Gordon from the map, save and load again, the Gordon ragdoll is gone, too. Jesus, what kind of crazy bug is that?!
No crashes, no error reports ingame or other weird behavior, aside from those saving issues. I can use and pose everything - as long as I’m not loading the corresponding savegame…

I got the same problem. Vista 32bit.

Custom ragdolls don’t save. Props are fine.

Someone needs to look into this.

Garry’s Mod doesn’t handle save games all that well. It usually has no problems saving props, but ragdolls is an entirely different story. I really cannot remember if Advanced Duplicator saves ragdolls, but if it does I strongly suggest you download that and stick to it, because I don’t think Garry will ever optimise the save system.

Alrighty, I’ll use that for now. Is this a common problem? I only seem to be hearing it from Vista users. :[

I’m using Windows 7 now, still the same issue. (Refugees Group 2 + 3 are affected, all of them; but nothing else.) Maybe Garry somehow screwed up his last updates. I never had issues with the save games before. :confused:

I’ll try out the advanced duplicator, thanks for the advice.