Ragdolls are disappearing after a few seconds

i have bought GMod yesterday and everything worked great, today i played multiplayer with my friend and ragdolls started disappearing (in single-player too).
i have tried:
g_ragdoll_fadespeed 0
g_debug_ragdoll_removal 0
npcg_ragdoll_lifetime 9999999
and nothing worked, i have downloaded a lot of addons, maybe that’s causing it?
plz help!
thx in advance:wink:

I know Source does this when the video card/pc can’t handle all of the ragdolls.
(or censored versions of the game)

i have much higher specs than the game needs to run on very high preformance -.- anyway it happens even if i have only 1 ragdoll spawned!

What do you mean with ragdolls? The ragdoll that stays after you kill an NPC or a ragdoll form the spawned from the spawn menu?

a ragdoll that you spawn and then pose it

that is really weird.

so… can anybody help? is there a fix (or something else)?

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never mind! i fixed it! the causing of it was some addons, i un-installed some of my addons and it was fixed! :rock::dance: