Ragdolls Aren't Effected by Bullets/Explosives Anymore?

So, I’ve had this problem for a long time, and I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the engine or if it’s a fixable bug.

I spawn an NPC, any NPC, and I shoot him up. He falls over and dies. I shoot him with a crossbow. He falls over and dies. I shoot him with an RPG… he only falls over and dies. And this is with every ragdoll, the same issue: No matter what I shoot them with, they only fall over when they die. There is no fantastic flying through the air when they get hit with a grenade and they don’t fly backwards when I pump them full of shotgun shells. I’ve tried all of the different “Physics Iterations” 1-10 and nothing seems to work.

So my question is: Is this something that’s just happened with the engine (because the ragdolls USED to react strongly to projectiles) or is this a bug I can fix? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.