Ragdolls disappear after saving/loading

Sorry about the newbieness, I just got Gmod and I decided to goof off with it today. I downloaded a few mods with new ragdolls to play around with, and a map gm_bigcity then went into singleplayer . Now I hadn’t put much forethought into it, I figured I’d just have rag dolls in random poses beating the crap out of each other. . .

So in a few hours I had Space Marines fighting Dinosaurs in the city streets. Yeah, don’t ask. . .

Anyway I decided I needed more mods, so I saved and left to get some more ragdolls and mods. When I came back however, I found most of my Space Marines, their Tank, a Tyrannosaurus, and two of the Raptors had gone missing. (However, props like their guns and backpacks all remained in place.)

I went flying around looking for the source of the problem, eventually above the city skyline yet below the Skybox, I found all of the ragdolls crushed together in one small spot. Any bendable joints seemed to be all jammed into one spot in the sky like they’d been sucked into a black hole. (I noticed this because the Tank’s main body was still intact, but the turret had caved in with the T-rex jaw sticking out into it and so on.)

That being said, I did some experiments to find I couldn’t interact with the Ragdoll, at all. Nor could I interact with any other Ragdoll I had placed down on the ground that had stayed in position. Even after turning off the No_clip, I could walk right through them. Also my Tools and Physics Gun had no effect on them. However, all of the props were still solid and were working normally.

I only put a few senseless hours of posing into it, so I’m not all that upset. However, I’m worried about it happening again on future projects. Does anyone know why this happens? Or if there’s a way to fix it?

It’ll just suck not being able to save my Gmod levels and come back to them to work on if the Ragdolls get screwed every time. Thanks for hearing me out.

Although this should go in the help and support section, it may be a problem with the map.

happens to me with certain maps with certain ragdolls. it’s bullshit.

Most of the time saves don’t work, buttons and inventions are raped, Don’t know why though

Yah, Wire mod tends to fuck up when I save…