Ragdolls disappear on damage!

Im trying to do a machinima using ragdolls but when they take a certain amount of damage they just disappear, this is really annoying when i set up a scene when i move the ragdoll and say the foot collides with the floor for a few seconds causing the ragdoll to take damage then disappear.

Is this meant to happen by default, if so what can i do to fix it? oh and props dont disappear when they take damage.

XD meh sorry but i figured it out, it was the mcbuild space combat mod doing it, i didnt realise that also made it so stuff could take damage.

You are NOT allowed to use the Space Combat addon anyway, it got leaked and garry just stopped removing it from garrysmod.org becouse the stupid N00B who upload it doesn’t stop

Show me the law that states its NOT allowed - oh wait noone cares.

go and ask Zup