Ragdolls "Fix" acting a bit wierd.

Been lurking here since dawn of the days, not just G-mod, thought it was time to register and post useless stuff, seeing its the new trend. c(:

So, here I am, checking the latest patch-notes, and figured, hey lets go play with rag-dolls, it was almost 2 years since I last did it!

So, by positioning 2 characters and freezing them in place, not using the Statue tool yet, placing an item, and accidentally bumped into one of the rags,
he starts to flail his arms, waving, doing sitreps and so on…looked kinda funny and like a NPC in panic.
At first I was confused, thinking my brother that have Prop-protection allowed as always was playing tricks…
Then I used it to just push the other rag slightly, she started to trusting towards my male rag while slapping herself in the face… euch.

Asked brother to freeze an rag and using another to push his stuff, his character moved as well, so you can easily push frozen rag-dolls all over the place, either making them move like normal rags if pushed, but with hooverballs on them with heavy air-resistance.
Tried statue on a ragdoll, and letting him prop-push it, lets just say, the prop and statue get all weird.

Using the huge hollow cargo-container on a frozen statue rag-doll, dropping it, either launch the container, or drags the rag down,
in some cases you now have a dancing container or fapping rag.