Ragdolls from blender to Garrys mod


Okay so i`ve just gotten into 3D modelling.
I want to do the whole modelling job and rig the skeleton myself.
I found this tutorial on the subject.
Can i do EVERYTHING in blender? The rigging and the textures as well as the models?

I guess this project will take some time… Never been into modelling before so i`ll learn
everything from scratch. Any help for beginners would be great.

There are other threads about this subject ,but not easy for a beginner to understand where to start off…
Thanks in advance.


Go to Models/Skins Section

Well… I once tried importing a sword or an axe into Oblivion but there were a bunch of other programs I had to use to import my weapon that I just couldn’t get to work for me! There might be something like that here!