Ragdolls look like crap the further away I am.

Well…Everytime I spawn a ragdoll up close it looks PERFECT. But…the farther away I get from it…It starts looking Terrible… I can’t take a few steps back without it starting to look worse…Is there anyway to fix this? Thank you in advance.

edit: this also happens to npcs and players but I don’t think its as bad.

Check your graphics… Something might have happened with those. I don’t really have GMod open to look, but I think the Field of View might be the problem… Can you tell me if it is?

Hmm…Field of view…I’ll go check…

Or maybe it was Level of Detail… I’m sorry, I haven’t really experienced this problem before… :S

Field of View did nothing…level of detail is on -1…If I make it go up it looks TERRIBLE

Make it go down, then? Maybe it’s a problem with your graphics driver.

I have the newest drivers for my video card.

And I can’t go lower with Level of Detail…-1 is lowest.

Okay… Dangit, why isn’t someone else posting. D: I really wouldn’t know, maybe someone else can help?

yah if someone else could help that would be great…Everything looks terrible when I move away…

Well how good is your computer?

Post some specs.

Intel core 2 extreme cpu x9750
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
3.25gb ram

Hmmm I just looked too and saw that in tf2 and other source games the farther away I got the worse the quality of their model was…My friend said he also saw this…

What resolution is your monitor, what resolution are you playing in-game, what filtering mode are you using.

22" monitor…playing at 1680x1050 (also resolution of monitor). and Anisotropic 16x

I’m running almost everything at highest.

The only other thing I could think of, would be if you’re running in an older DX mode.

Just do a fresh install. There can be hiccups between file transfers sometimes.

So reinstall Gmod? Only problem with this is I notice it in almost all source games… for example in tf2 I take a couple steps away from a player and their model starts looking more…boxxy…

might as well. if it happens in any other games, do a fresh install.

I’d wait for teddi or dirvan. i gotta go to bed. its 5:00 am

In settings im the QMenu you have something called Detail View Distance. Try changing it.

I have it on max. Looks the same…Put it on lowest…Looks the same…

Hmm, maybe Model LOD?

If I turn it up everything looks TERRIBLE I have it on -1…(lowest it can go)…But you have to remember I’m having the same problem in tf2 (though not as bad)