Ragdolls not loading

I am attempting to load the Silent Hill 3 pack and all of the models are invisible. I’ve tried manual and extraction install methods, and neither of them work. I don’t suppose anyone has a method in which to fix this issue?

Most other ragdolls I load usually have this issue, but the technique I use to fix this is not working, which is to merely reinstall it. I am no computer scientist.

Link here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=62915

Also, I am running a very old GPU, the GeForce 6200, but I wouldn’t know how that could be the issue.

could be

  1. you do not have the correct modles
  2. your computer
    or 3. the pack that was uploaded is a FAIL.

sorry i couldn’t be of much help :confused:

Try this pack.
I use this one and it works fine.

Thank you.