Ragdolls not ragdolls?

I have noticed that some ragdolls are no longer ragdolls.

I have problems with atleast these:
Francis Heavy
NPC Renamon and NPC Lucario
Maybe some more (i haven’t checked all of them)

NPCs work well until they get killed. They appear as effect instead of a ragdoll and the model is in weird pose and they have always that same weird pose.

Whenever i try to spawn ragdolls from spawn menu, they spawn as props that are in reference pose.

When i first installed these ragdolls, they worked well without any problems.

Am i only one having this problem or has anybody else it or does anyone know how to fix it.

Oh so when you spawn the model they are in t-posed positon and are props? HunterDNRC told me to check in models and find anything that says “Error”. Delete all things that say it like the MDL, PHY,VTX,etc

If there is nothing that says error, then IDK

If a model spawns as an effect, especially ragdolls, then it’s missing physics.

Try redownloading them and installing

I have tried that couple times without any changes.

And where should it say error?

I still wonder that weird pose. It’s like T-pose, but the torso is twisted so that arms are in 45 degrees angle, and head points right side.

Go to your main Gmod folder. the URL path should be something like this

 C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\-yoursteamname-\garrysmod\garrysmod

Now if you see a folder that says “Models”, click on that. Then browse for anything that says error

OMG!! It worked!
I couldn’t believe that the problem was caused by that “Error prop”.