Ragdolls spawn as props

I’ve had this issue back on GMod 12, but since things worked differently back then (and I forgot how I fixed it), I need to find a solution to this.

I found that if some ragdolls are also used as NPCs and you try to spawn them as ragdolls, they’ll be spawned as props and be unposeable, forever toppled over and stuck in their T-pose.

What causes this and how can I fix it?

Probably due to conflicting addons such as reskins or mods.

I have a lot of addons, so finding the right one could take a while… But if it helps fix it, then I must.

EDIT: I’ve gotten rid of all NPC related addons, but nothing helped. Anyone care to lend a hand if they’ve had this problem? If you currently have this problem, list some of the addons you have. I’ll compare them to my list of addons and try to find some common factor.

The strangest addons can mess around with it; my friend had trouble because he had two different parenting stools active at once. I posted more about it here but unfortunately not a lot of people really paid attention:

Really the only way to figure it out is to reinstall each addon one-by-one. (Actually it’s quicker to reenable one page at a time, and if it glitches, disable that page and then test each one individually.)

Thanks for that. It sounds like a long task, but I’ll do anything to fix it.

BTW, about the only NPC model that doesn’t T-pose is Sligwolf’s Robot Player model. Every other (a few of which I remember being Zero Suit Samus, L4D1 survivors, and the Pumkin) T-poses on me. Not sure if that’s helpful, as I don’t speak “tech”, but there must be something with how the NPCs scripts are written.

I can’t remember the terms for it, but I think it may have to do with modifications made to the model to make it suitable for playermodels or NPCs. The animations and such; it has to be compiled a certain way which makes it more glitchy. Or something. My memory’s failing again.

Good news! Your strategy for un/re-installing everything worked! Fortunately, none of my favorites or what I was using in my saves were the problem.