Ragdolls stand in T Pose

Since April I have had a ragdoll problem, every time I pose character rag dolls or dead npcs on the ground and save my game, They eventually stand upright when I load the game. The only way to get them to lie down is to interact with them.

So I did a test with this problem, I killed a bunch of npcs together, and I killed one separately, before I save they are dead on the ground, but when I save my game this happens:

Now, when I walk into the separated combine soldier, this happens:

Follow this tutorial for your mounted games: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1271741

Also, make sure that the Garry’s Mod folder is in /steamapps/common, not /steamapps/(username)

will doing all those steps specifically solve this problem or multiple problems?

Both. Your issue is specifically caused by mounting issues, which can cause other problems.


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All steps or one when in particular, if so which steps?

Just follow the tutorials that apply to you.

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If you don’t care about doing anything SDK tools related, then don’t follow the SDK tools tutorial.