Ragdolls standing?

Basically what i’m working on is to replicate basic humanoid posture and physics/movement in gmod *without consulting to NPCs or NPC animations. *I plan to work from the feet up. I’ve gotten the foot and leg movement down, but what still puzzles me is how to make these ragdolls stand up on their own without freezing them. I’m not sure if I have to use platforms, hover balls, props, .etc. A possible video or picture tutorial may help.

shove a keep upright stick

up their ass

Sounds a lot like a dick

just type phys_timescale 0 into console then spawn a npc with keep corpses enabled and kill the npc then freeze all the parts and type phys_timescale 1 into console

Then he’ll have a random blood splatter on him
Edit: Why not do that with ragmorph instead and use the wobblefreeze command

hey thx man i got it working now.