Ragdolls stuck in t-pose

I recently encountered a glitch in a few ragdolls I have. Whenever I spawn some, they’re stuck in their t-pose and stiff as a board, with the space below them solid for some reason. GMod also seems to read them as props, as evidenced by it saying “Undone Prop” whenever I undo spawning them.

This doesn’t apply to all the ragdolls I have. Just specific ones. The ones I do know that have this glitch are the Left 4 Dead survivors and an Angel Beats character. This bit of info might help find out the problem.

Any solutions?

Are they custom made or were they there by default?

The L4D models are from the game, while AB model is custom.

Also, it’s the same for some special TF2 class models I downloaded. They’re supposed to have “fixed physics,” but they don’t work. …Think it has something to do with those?

Howdy ^^,
Do you still have that problem with ragdolls stuck in a T-Pose ? Had that too and while I don’t know what your exact problem is, I can give you a hint:

I deleted the whole addon folder (made a back-up, just in case) and re-installed the L4D ragdolls and they worked.

That meant, some other addon goes into conflict with 'em. I reverse-engineered all of the addons i installed before the problem popped up to see what caused it.
In the end it was a mod called Kingdoms Collide, where I needed the maps.

I hope this will help 'ya.