Ragdolls that aren't actually there and other problems.

First off, Ragdolls that aren’t actually there
I have Keep Corpses on so I can use the remover tool on them, but the problem is that sometimes when you kill any type of Zombie, a Zombine or a Sniper with explosives, the corpse is visible, but not actually there. With Zombies it’s usually only the Headcrab, but sometimes it’s the torso on the Normal Zombie and the Fast Zombie as well.

Second, #npc_ kill messages.
The first example would be if you spawned an Ichythosaur and kill it, it comes up with #npc_ichythosaur, same with #npc_advisor on the EP2 levels, and #npc_sniper although you can’t spawn either of those without an NPC mod.

Finally, a vehicle glitch involving that bug that you get if you’re rendering something that isn’t there.
Spawn a car or a seat. Get in and out really quickly, 1/10 times you will get that render bug fullscreen. Only way to stop it is to rejoin, or restart the single-player game. Try as I might, I cannot do this in HL2 or EP2 (Haven’t tried in EP1)
I found this when I was playing sledbuild and everytime I got into my vehicle, my friend got out, eventually resulting in E spamming. I got the bug, so did he.

On the second note, why can’t Garry fix how the Fast Zombie Torso is listed as a Fast Zombie instead on the kill messages?

And why can’t he port the Guardian? He ported the Antlion Workers (which were npc_antlion in EP2) so why can’t he port the Guardian?