Ragdolls that No Collide with Themselves


I’m finally getting into posing in Garry’s Mod. My first project involves the demoman wrapping his hands together. Unfortunately, I can’t get the hands to come close enough for me to post them to do so. The no collide tool is useless, as it only causes the ragdoll to no collide with other objects.

Is there a way to make the ragdoll no collide with itself so I can do more with him? Surely it can’t be that difficult to make it no collide with itself, can it?

This will help you in regards to TF2 posing, although getting them into position will be slightly harder. Also is this for the propoganda stuff?

Actually, yes, this is in regards to the propaganda stuff. I’m trying to parody a WWII poster, but I can’t get the hands to work.


Is there possibly a way to already get it to no collide with itself, maybe a console command or glitch?