Ragdolls too heavy!

please i need help!

the ragdolls on gmod started to bee… heavy! it’s like I kill an npc and then become heavy even if i shot the npc/ragdolls with the shotgun, crossbow, rpg or .357 magnum(that are the weapons that have more impact) they just stay in place, they don’t fly they just move a little. it looks like the ragdolls without “keep corpses” are a little less heavier but still heavy! and my ragdoll(player) when i kill me with a rpg it flies, it’s normal.

so it’s like:

keep corpses - heavy!!!
without keep corpses - little less heavier
player ragdol - normal

I want to fix this and make then go back to normal because the best part about the game it’s the ragdolls… i love ragdolls!

is there a way to fix this? please help me =( I tried to re-install the game many times and the problem stays… help!

sorry for my speaking , I’m brazilian =)

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This is in the wrong section.

Is killing NPC’s that important to you?

please if you are going to question about killing, npcs, etc just don’t say anything, just say something that could help. thanks.


if you go to the help & support you’ll see that i’ve made a thread there too.