Ragdolls with modifiable faces, closest thing we could get to facegen

Now, I am NOT asking for you all to make some new code that would modify the living shit our of gmod.

Here it is:

Faceposer sliders can do more than just give a guy a funny expression, the can also shift body parts.

I would like you guys to take one of the citizens head, turn it into a good base head that would look good when modified a bit.

Give it the original facepose sliders, and right under them, have sliders that can shift facial features, so that you can give your custom characters some faceposing.

There should be 5 skins; Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, Asian, and a custom one so you can get the skin tone exact without screwing up another.

Body groups can be used to mess with the eye color and iris.

The facial modification sliders should each be set at .5 so you can make the parts bigger/ further away or smaller/closer together.

So your thoughts?